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Transmission Repair in Pinellas County, FL

Few things cause more anxiety for vehicle owners than problems with their transmissions. At Affordable Auto and Truck Repair, we ease your mind by providing affordable and dependable transmission repair in Pinellas County, FL. Whether it's a foreign or domestic model—a manual or an automatic transmission—we can shift things in the right direction again. We also offer free towing on all transmission repairs.

For more than 15 years, our AAA-certified auto repair shop has been helping vehicle owners get back on the road again. We are an experienced and honest team you can always trust to perform reliable repairs at reasonable rates. Whether your car has a minor problem or you need a complete transmission rebuild, we have the training, tools, and ASE certification to ensure a job well done. We repair everything from flywheels and differentials to gears and clutches.

Do You Need Transmission Repair?

Stop slip-sliding down the road. When your gears are slipping, it's time to come to our auto service center for transmission repair. We want to get you back in gear again. At the first sign of transmission problems, it's important to get your car looked at. Why? The longer you wait for repairs, the more likely your transmission problem will get worse. That's because whatever is causing the issue, such as small metal shards in your transmission fluid, can damage the gears and even cause complete transmission failure. Some of the problems that indicate you need transmission service include:

• Car Cannot Get in Gear
• Dirty Transmission Fluid
• Problems Shifting the Clutch
• Slipping or Grinding Gears
• Whining, Humming, or Clunking Noises
• Reddish Fluid under the Car
• Noises from the Gears While in Neutral

A Trusted, Local Transmission Repair Shop

Not all mechanics can repair transmissions—much less rebuild them. However, our auto technicians have more than 30 years of combined experience in this area. Since an automatic transmission has mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, and computer systems all working in tandem, you need a specialist who knows how to put the pieces back together when there is damage. Car and truck owners have been coming to our transmission repair shop for many years. They trust us for reliable and affordable work. The services we provide include:

• Repairs
• Rebuilds
• Replacements
• Clutch Repair
• Routine Maintenance
• Preventative Services
• Differential Repair


Transmission Repair Mechanics in Pinellas County, FL

Affordable Transmission Rebuild Services

It may be that repairing your transmission is not the best option. Depending on the damage, we may recommend a complete transmission rebuild or overhaul. When rebuilding your transmission, we completely remove it from your vehicle. After disassembling it, we carefully inspect and clean each part. If a part is damaged, we then replace it with new part. After the necessary parts are repaired or replaced, we install your rebuild transmission and ensure everything is working properly.

Contact us for an inspection and estimate if you are having problems with your transmission. We proudly serve all of Pinellas County, Florida, including Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Pinellas Park, Largo, Seminole, and St. Pete Beach.
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